Characteristics of Filiform warts

Published: 09th September 2011
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Filiform warts are long and narrow, fast-growing tumor outer layer. These tumors are not cancerous, and therefore do not pose a real danger. Filiform warts are usually finger-like shape, and the project itself from the skin. They can be easily found in areas such as:

• Face

• Lips

• Chin

• Neck

• Eyelids

• Nose

In some areas where they can easily beat, they can create some problems and not be a problem. Filiform wart is a viral infection. It is a viral infection that causes human papilloma virus or HPV to save space.

They are more common in older children than any other age group. They can sometimes itch, or even blood, they become irritated. This usually happens when you are deliberately scratched, or when I accidentally rubbed against clothing. A filiform wart is contagious. It may be transmitted:

• Directly From an individual to an individual

• Indirectly from an individual to another individual

• From an area to another area of the same body

Transmission form an area to another area of the same body can occur when the individual scratches the filfiorm wart and touches other parts of the body. This may transmit the HPV, resulting in another growth in other areas. touching an object touched by another person can also result in contamination. This can happen when individuals use the same towel to dry their faces. The HPV may be transferred from the face of another individual to another resulting in a filiform wart.

Direct contact with another individual may result is transmission of the virus. This occurs when another wart of another individual is touched. This many easily happen in children when they are playing team games such as football or basketball.Filiform warts generally go away by themselves after several months or a few years.However since they more generally occur on visible areas of the individual, they may create some discomforts relating to the aesthetic aspect. In view of this one may consider treatment.

Warts are skin lesions and growths that generally have a dark and mottled appearance, rough surface and occasional small red bumps caused by clotted blood vessels. These warts are common, and are caused by a viral infection. There are various types of warts but most of them are largely harmless. Warts are contagious so it is easy to get it from others. it is very common for just one family member to have them. OK now how to get rid of them, these methods have been proved by the doctors, it is safer to use the natural methods. Wait for the warts to go away because they mostly go away by themselves, though it may take months or years.

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